Bjarte Reve

Bjarte Reve has been a parnter in Considium since the 1st of September. He continues as CEO of the innovational network Nansen Neuroscience Network. As partner in Considium he will work with clients in sectors such as hospital, bio-technology, E-Health and university. Reve has 20 years of experience from private and public health sector and has had executive roles in pharmaceuticals, Apotek1, Helse Sør RHF, Ernst & Young, Oslo Cancer Cluster and Akershus University Hospital. Since 2015 he has been CEO of Nansen Neuroscuence Network, an innovational network which connects outstanding neuroscientists, doctors and the business industry. The purpose is to develop new diagnostics and the treatment of neural diseases such as Alzheimer, MS, ALS and Parkinson. Reve has developed Helseinnovatørskolen together with UiO, NTNY and Karolinska Institutet. For his work as leader for Oslo Cance Cluster he was awarded Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum. Today he is active in WEF in their expert network for neural sciences.

Bjarte Reve helps clients that wish to

  • strengthen their market position in the health sector
  • becoming clearer at the goals and results that are to be achieved, and through effective managerial processes give co-workers the freedom to attain those goals
  • improve upon the quality of services by understanding patients needs
  • understanding the political framework
  • communicating effectively about their products to target groups
  • increasing output of innovation and new products from research