We practice ‘commitment to results’ and ‘freedom on activity’

Us in brief

“Commitment to results and freedom of action!”

At Considium we have a clear management philosophy – when goals are set and accepted, values and rules are in place, the manager must have freedom and space to take neccessary action to deliver results.

Since we started in 1985 we have always had our clients needs as a guiding principle in our assignments. Our clients will always be met by experienced Considium consultants with extensive management background from private and public enterprises.

Result Assurance is a Considium trademark. The purpose is to assure results which reflect both overall enterprise strategy and the priorities of the operational units. We make management and management processes visible – and management simpler!

“Commitment to results and freedom of action” requires managers to agree on clear and specific goals, beeing capable of setting priorities and giving their accociates space enough to contribute and develop further.

“We dare to make it simple!”

Managers operate in a complex world. Our experience is that simple, straightforward methods and tools together with engagement and involvement are the best way to handle complexity.

The core of our consulting is to help clients clarify in clear and specific terms the results they want to obtain. By working with clients in their management processes we provide them with extra energy and boost their ability to succeed. A basic principle in our consulting is to recognize and respect the fact that people are different and that the road to achieving goals must reflect these differences.

In our work with clients we focus on developing their own competence and to a maximum degree building on their own resources to obtain results.

The traditional way of managing has been commitment to and control with activities. Considium has chosen an entirely different approach, focusing on responsibility for results to release initiative, willingness to succeed and taking an overall responsibility. To take responsibility for results, people must be given a proper chance: Freedom to take action, trust and respect are important prerequisites, along with a clear communication of what the ambitions and performance requirements are. Systematic result assurance is essential for both learning and achieving results together.

Considiums unique features

Considium is a valuedriven company where everybody, regardless of function or sales volume, are equal partners. Only Considium employees can be owners. Considium today constitutes a strong partnership based on individual expert competence. Our consulting work is characterized by responsibility, respect and consideration for the clients.

Our founders in 1985 set the premises for how Considium should be developed. Today we can with confidence claim that this has been a success!

Awarded Consultant Agency of the Year 2013!

Considium Consulting Group AS was chosen The Consulting Company of the year 2013. The award is organized by the Institute of Management Consultants Norway (IMC) and the publication Konsulentguiden.

To be chosen as the Consulting Company of the year means a lot to Considium and we are delighted that the jury chose us among so many strong competitors. It is also a great inspiration to us in our continuing efforts to improve results for our customers.

Considiums vision is that we dare to make it simple. We distinguish ourselves from other consulting companies by being straight-forward, focusing on results and using simple and practical methods. Our consultants develop and use the customers own resources to achieve results.

Key information


Formed as a separate unit in the EB Group under the name of EB Management Consultants. (The EB Group later was integrated into the ABB Corporation)


Named changed to Considium Consulting Group AS, 100% employee ownership.


Considium turnover is NOK 35 million. Serving 130 customers in private and public enterprises.


Considium was chosen The Consulting Company of the year 2013


Considium was voted among the three best Management Consulting companies for delivering value added to our customers.


Today, Considium is a well known consulting company owned by 22 partners with considerable management and consulting experience from both private and public enterprises.