Lars Graaner


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Lars Graaner

Lars Graaner is a partner at Considium. He has 25 years of experience with managerial support and management development from a larger international high-tech company. Additionally, Lars has experience from the public sector.

Lars product areas are:

Managerial guidance – individual counselling to:

  • Be clearer, more confident and effective in leadership roles
  • Build and developer leadership teams
  • Securing understanding and anchoring of goals
  • Securing attainment of results
  • Implementing result-based leadership as manamagent culture
  • Handling of cultural differences

Management training:

  • Developing management programs, customized by level and needs (E.g.: first managerial job, leading leaders, running a business, remote management, matrix management, project lead, management across cultures and nationalities)
  • Result assurance of management training
  • Talent development and -program

Performance management for managers:

  • Development and implementation of process-, support- and follow-up methods
  • Result assurance

Conflict resolution –mapping viewpoints and building bridges:

  • Between individuals
  • Between teams and internally